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with the time...

sometimes - only sometimes - this condition is changing.

With the time slowly or with the time fast, as it seems to us, changes appear, which do not suit us. These changes are made by the nature of the affected human beeing.

Nature makes varicose veins; she - and only she can do that - is also making the thrombosis.

Nature has a reason to do that.

She is doing something. She is changing the anatomy of the organ - or occluding it - because there is a stimulus. For this stimulus the appearing change is the natural response. But the result is not physological even though completely natural. The morphology and functionality is changed, meaning different, meaning again not physiological anymore. Nature, which had been programmed to be selfunderstood right for ever, had been misled.

The misleading factor must be unnatural.

This is, because: for a natural stimulus nature is always finding a suitable, natural answer with a natural and physiological result. For example: to strain it finds augmentation of muscles, to the aim of becoming a doctor it finds compiling of knowledge, experience...

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